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Anglo-Tantalum are providing a guaranteed source of tantalum from mine to market

  • Anglo-Tantalum Ltd has been specifically engineered to take advantage of the increase in Tantalum demand and increase in prices.
  • Our aim is to develop several sites in tantalite rich Mozambique.
  • According to various studies Mozambique has the resources to become a major supplier of Tantalum and associate minerals to the international market.

Mozambique, Australia and Brazil have the largest proven reserves of Tantalum

Tantalum is a transition metal discovered in 1802 by Swedish chemist ‘Andres Gutaf Ekeberg’; it has a high melting point and capable of resisting high corrosion. Tantalum is a lustrous and blue-grey chemical element that is very rare to find, Tantalum is generally derived from hard rock mines; it can also be found in alluvial deposits, and as a by-product in lithium and tin slag mines.




Market Outlook

Forecasts show that total demand for tantalum will continue to grow in the region of 3.3% annually between by 2026.

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Tantalite Ore

Columbite and Tantalite deposits are also known as Coltan (Col-Tan). Coltan is mainly refined for its key components Tantalum metal and Columbium.



Vast commodity reserves and significant potential for additional mineral deposits in Mozambique position the country as one of the most important growth stories in the global mining sector going forward.


Broader Expertise | Brighter Ideas

The company is headquartered in London and has global alliances and associates with whom they work closely on a regular basis. Headed by Mr. Mike Rider, Ben Smit and Michalis Poyatzis, the company is geared in the right direction with aspirations towards gaining a regulatory listing on a junior stock exchange within a dedicated time frame.

The advisory committee, corporate advisers, strategic partners and board of directors comprised of a well-structured balance demonstrating significant experience and expertise within similar ventures alongside international specialist risk management, metals and mining trade, and corporate capital and fund-raising experts; with a combined experience of over 100 years.

MPIL India

MPIL is India’s first specialist manufacturer and exporter of Tantalum & Niobium based products, with over a decade of experience. The services of MPIL are engaged as a corporate adviser and strategic partner by Anglo-Tantalum Limited.

Tantalum Info Center

Established in 1973 as a non-profit organisation to promote the common interest and welfare of the Tantalum & Niobium industries and their respective public and private producers, authorities, organisations and agencies; from whom Anglo-Tantalum Limited have sought extensive corporate governance and regulatory support.

Virane Lda

Anglo-Tantalum Limited's local subsidiary and management partner who carry a wealth of experience in Mozambique and specifically, the Alto Molocue, Zambezi Province. Anglo-Tantalum Limited is a major shareholder of Virane Lda, in which they own a 70% position.

Metal Do Co Ltd Japan

Metal Do is Japan's leading high-value metals supplier and sales trader working closely with major Japanese and global manufacturers and importers. Metal Do is currently engaged by Anglo-tantalum Limited as a corporate advisor and strategic partner.

Responsible Minerals Initiative

Founded in 2008 the Responsible Minerals Initiative has grown into one of the most utilised and repeated resources for companies from a range of industries addressing responsible mineral sourcing issues in their supply chains.


MIRU is Japan's premiere metal information website allowing access to an array of news, facts, past and present data and forecasting access and engagement to Japan's largest 300 metal trading companies. The services of MIRU have been engaged by Anglo-Tantalum Limited as an affiliated advisor.

The path to success

Our Business

Anglo-Tantalum Limited is a minerals development and supply company with significant interests within the Republic of Mozambique.

The UK registered company centrally coordinated from its headquarters in London, the company is currently focused on the development and supply of Tantalite Ore deposits from the Zambezia Province of Mozambique to the global market.

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Our Approach

Anglo-Tantalum Limited through its local subsidiary Virane LDA are under licence developing Tantalite Concession 9930C (formerly known as 6863C), located in the Zambezia Province within the central coastal region of Mozambique.

Strong strategic partnerships with processing plants in Japan and India will allow our Tantalite Ore deposits to be refined and sold to high-tech international industries.

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