Columbite and Tantalite deposits are also known as Coltan (Col-Tan). Coltan is mainly refined for its key components Tantalum metal and Columbium.

Tantalum is ductile, easily fabricated, highly resistant to corrosion by acids and a good conductor of heat and electricity with a high melting point. There is currently a wide usage in the electronics industry specifically demonstrated from manufacturers of smartphones and tablets at present.



The growth of the market is driven by the factors such as high demand for tantalum in the manufacturing of electronic equipment and gadgets, alongside rising industries such as aviation and aerospace.

These strategies would provide efficient products and yield strong performing products that support and exhibit the case for stronger demand in both the near and mid-term future.



The Republic of Mozambique is located on the eastern coast of the southern part of Africa. Vast commodity reserves and significant potential for additional mineral deposits in Mozambique position the country as one of the most important growth stories in the global mining sector going forward.

Mozambique is set to become one of the largest coal exporters over the coming years accompanied by the low taxation and general lack of political interference, ensuring the country is seen as an attractive mining destination in Africa.


Forecasts show that total demand for tantalum will continue to grow in the region of 3.3% annually between 2017 and 2026, whilst demand for tantalum in super-alloys will have an above-average rate of growth as a result of a healthy outlook for the commercial aerospace and defence sectors.

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Anglo-Tantalum Limited are proud to announce an ethical and methodical approach towards ensuring that the produce from the project is conflict-free with the assistance of a number of international regimes and guidance.

From mine through to market, the removal of human rights abuse, the financing of conflict, and other such activity is totally eradicated from the supply chain; thus, ensuring the end-buyer receives a guaranteed source of ethical and morally-mined and produced tantalum.


This Report and guidelines has been prepared in response to an invitation by VIRANE, LDA, for Rovuma GeoSolutions to detail and cost the requirements to undertake an exploration program for tantalite resources estimation determination on Concession 9930C (formally known as 6863C) in NE-Mozambique. In this regard, we present a proposal for exploration, for operating procedures, QA/QC, Geological Modelling and to undertake Mineral Resources estimation under the guidelines of the SAMREC code for the Lice Tantalite Project.


Concession 9930C (formally known as 6863C) is located in the heart of the most recognised pegmatite province in Mozambique, where mining has taken place since the Portuguese Colonial days. The Concession lies 230kms north east of the port city of Quelimane and is accessible by tarred road with the final 100kms on dirt road.


This scoping study was commissioned by VIRANE Lda, a private Mozambique registered company that is the holder of a Tantalum license no 9930C (formally known as 6863C). Sutton was engaged to conduct and provide verification and an initial feasibility opinion on the project.

The aim of the study is to consider and establish the viability of continuing with exploration and testing with a view establishing a viable Tantalum mine on the licence area in Mozambique.

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